ALLEGHENY MOUNTAIN ARROW WOODS was formed in the spring of 1992 specifically for the purpose of generating jobs in a rural community in North central Pennsylvania. In a community located in a rural county of slightly more than 20,000 people, jobs were scarce. The first month was dedicated to making arrows. However, with the shortage of good quality arrow shafts, it was quickly decided to modify Allegheny's direction from "making arrows" to making good quality arrow shafts.

A quick look around showed an abundance of hardwood materials in the form of trees from which quality shafts could be made. Initially the shafts were made from first quality lumber purchased from local mills. Sometimes the shafts were straight, sometimes not. To correct the "sometimes not", we purchased a small sawmill and began selecting logs from local loggers, even at times going into the forests (oh, how we dislike going into the woods) and selecting trees still standing. We take pride in what we do. We have fun producing fine quality arrow shafts and arrows for traditional archers. We are traditional archers.

All shafts are checked for defects and hand straightened before shipping. However, hardwood shafts are neither aluminum or fiberglass. They may not stay straight when subjected to changes in humidity prior to finishing. However, with proper care and a good finish, they make excellent arrows. They are tough. Try to break them. You will find --- for the first time ---- that you will be purchasing replacement feathers. We have many satisfied customers, and we would like you to join them. Remember, Pope and Young used hardwood shafts.

Thanks for your interest - hope to talk to you soon!

Allegheny Mountain Arrow Woods
PO Box 582
Coudersport, PA 16915

(814) 274-2282